PUNCH-DRUNK  A Film by Sam Wark & Karate School Films

About the Film.

For the first time, Punch Drunk is now available for viewing online. Click above to view the film.

Punch-Drunk is the story of ‘Joe Sparro’, an elderly man who suffers from Dementia Pugilistica a condition otherwise known as ‘Punch-Drunk’. With the rising costs of aged care due to privatisation Joe is forced out of what has been his home for many years. He is released back into a new society, one that he is forced to come to terms with when returning to live with his wife.

The years being medicated and institutionalized have taken a toll, battling just to grasp daily life, although it is this battle of remembering that may just save him.

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Running Time - 15 min 4 secs
Genre - Drama
Format - HD
Aspect Ratio - 2.35:1 (16:9 Wide)
Completed - August 2010


Sam Wark - Writer/Director (Email)
+61 414 490 320

Erica Raglus - Producer (Email)
+61 408 391 195

Leah Hallis
- Producer (Email)
+61 404 478 380

Director Bio.

Sam Wark is an emerging writer/director from Melbourne, Australia. With a background in art, design and commercials. Sam’s creative career began as advertising creative after completing an Ad. Dip in Graphic Design/Advertising and graduating as top student of News Ltd. Award School. He then worked at various advertising agencies for the next 10 years before joining the production company Karate School Films.

After furthering his studies at AFTRS (focussing heavily on actor’s performances using the ‘Mike Leigh Method’) Sam brought Punch-Drunk to life, a raw and poignant film which has resonated and moved audiences around the world.



Short Film Punch Drunk, Awards

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